Sorting and Containment Services

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Sorting and Containment

CSR AUTOMOTIVE de Mexico SA de CV “ CSR”, provides a timely, cost effective solution to all your quality concerns. Our trained inspectors operate from approved work instructions generated in-house  by CSR or by our customers, we offer Pre-Production Inspection (PPI), First Article Inspection (FAI), During Production Inspection (DPI), Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI) , Defect Sorting Services (DSS), Control Shipping 1 (CS1) and so on.

We also offer repackaging & labeling program to suit your customers delivery requirements. We also provide Level I & Level II  containment

Scrapping and replacing inventory at your customers  site  can be costly. The value of reworking & returning useable product back into production offers a cost effective solution, especially when faced with a potential line shutdown or being late in delivering promised inventory.


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