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We can rapidly deploy a team to implement the most cost-effective quality control programs including GP12, CS1, CS2 inspection, sorting, issue containment and reworking.


CSR AUTOMOTIVE de Mexico SA de CV “ CSR”,  founded in 2012 in the most important city of Mexico “MONTERREY” which is the highest economical and industry city in Mexico provides quality assurance and control services to manufacturers and suppliers in many industries such as “ Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Metal Mechanic and so on”  We can rapidly deploy a team to implement the most cost-effective quality control programs including  GP12, CS1, CS2, inspection, sorting, issue containment and reworking.


Our Services

CSR AUTOMOTIVE has a variety of solutions to help maintain and improve Customer Satisfaction, with more than 14 years of experience in Quality Assurance Services we can help you and your company to improve your outgoing Quality Control and contain potential risks and support in the analysis of information to establish corrective actions and help your organization to get right back on track.


Sorting and Containment




Handwork, Re-Work or Repair


Direct Billing


Vendor Managed Inventory


working day in and day out for clients around the globe

  • Monterrey
  • Ramos Arizpe
  • Saltillo
  • Queretaro
  • El Paso TX
  • Hermosillo
  • Chihuahua
  • Nuevo Laredo Tamaulipas
  • Laredo TX
  • San Antonio TX
  • Houston TX
  • China
  • Germany
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia
  • Indonesia
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  • India


We also provide on-site representation and liaison services if required. We will work with you and your customers or suppliers in a timely and professional manner to solve problems and minimize costly production downtime. Our highly trained staff can mobilize quickly when you need us.

We are a results oriented professional sorting and inspection company specializing in assembly, third party containment, representation, rework tear-down, defective analysis repackaging and more. Based in our principals “ Safety- Quality-Delivery & Cost” and Customer Service are our first priority.

We can achieve this, by working with your organization, helping to implement solutions that will assist you in becoming more competitive and profitable, in this ever changing global economy that we live and work in.


  • ICE Industries Mexico has developed a Business Relationship with CSR AUTOMOTIVE Company. We have selected them based in their well know abilities and knowledge to develop Re-work solutions to support the success of our Operation in Monterrey, Mexico. For the last couple months we have been observing positive impacts to our operation (Floor Space Optimization, Cost Savings Projects Implementation) due the effectiveness of CSR strong execution when processing our Materials. CSR is a Flexible, Customer-Oriented, Cost Competitive & well directed Company which is now part of our Working Network. Thanks.

    Antonio Garza ICE Industries - Quality Manager
  • CSR AUTOMOTIVE Company provided excellent service to us "Modern Metal & Refining LTD" in past few months, quick response for budget quotation, detailed daily sorting report, friendly compromise for labor cost . We appreicate what CSR AUTOMOTIVE done in Polaris plant instead of us, and will keep cooperating in further if it's needed.

    Monica Wei Modern Metal & Refining LTD - Customer Service Dept.
  • CSR AUTOMOTIVE Company has been providing their service to Polaris MTY plant for more than 3 years, during this time, they have showed a great commit to support Polaris needs by providing timely containment and rework activities that have prevented line down situations in our MTY plant operations. Because of their flexibility, excellent quality/cost balance, detailed sorting reports, their experience and their commitment, CSR AUTOMOTIVE Company has maintained their position as a trusted provider for sort and rework services with Polaris MTY plant for more than 3 years.

    Enrique Ruiz POLARIS - Sr. SQE
  • I have been extremely pleased with the performance of CSR "CSR AUTOMOTIVE de Mexico SA de CV" representing TEAM Industries at the Polaris Monterrey facility.  CSR provides immediate service and response to the Customer’s needs.  CSR does an excellent job representing TEAM by doing quality work, respecting and meeting the end Customers requirements, and providing clear communication between Polaris and TEAM to make sure there is minimal impact to the production line.   I highly recommend CSR "CSR AUTOMOTIVE de Mexico SA de CV" as the company of choice to supply cleaning, sorting, and rework support.

    Jim Berglund Team Industries-Park Rapids - Quality Manager
  • CSR has been our go-to service for any sorting or rework which is to be completed on our behalf.  As an off-shore supplier with offices in the United States we rely on CSR to provide immediate assistance to our customer.  Their costs are competitive and have provided exceptional services.

    Brent Hetrick CMT Imports / Project Manager

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